We want to help folks stay healthier, and that means improving our care standards and changing the ways we deliver those services to our patients.A primary goal of the BJC ACO is to improve the quality of care our patients receive under the program. We want to help folks stay healthier, and that means improving our care standards and changing the ways we deliver those services to our patients.

BJC and Medicare have agreed to track 33 important quality of care measurements to ensure that seniors in the program are receiving quality care. These measures range from nationally recognized standards for heart disease and diabetes treatment all the way to the availability of physicians to see their patients and the overall patient care experience. 

Some measures emphasize good preventive care and avoiding health problems, and others track how we care for vascular disease and other important problems. Overall, patients should see an improvement in the coordination and quality of care that they receive from their doctor's office as part of the Accountable Care Organization.

How the BJC ACO is Organized

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ACO Name and Location

BJC HealthCare ACO, LLC

Suite 300

670 Mason Ridge Center Drive

St. Louis, MO 63141


ACO Primary Contact

Nancy Kadlec, 

Program Director, Accountable Care



ACO Composition

  • A network of individual practices of ACO professionals, partnership or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals

ACO Participants

  • Ahmad A. Karadaghy, MD

  • Alton MultiSpecialists, Ltd.

  • Associated Specialists in Medicine

  • Aubra Houchin, DO

  • Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital Physician Services

  • Bi-State Medical Consultants

  • Boonslick Medical Group, Inc.

  • Brian Stufflebam, MD

  • Christopher M. Perry, DO, PC

  • Comprehensive Spine Care

  • Consultants In Women’s Healthcare, Inc.

  • Digestive Diseases Specialists

  • Fairview Heights Medical Group, S. C.

  • Intermed Associates

  • Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Associates

  • Jacquelyn B. Garrett, MD

  • James Goldring, MD

  • Medical Acute Care and Internal Medicine

  • Metropolitan Orthopedics, Ltd.

  • Michael J. Adams, DO

  • Mid Missouri Pain Management

  • Midwest Vascular and General Surgery, Inc.

  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center Physician Services

  • Nephrology and Hypertension Specialists

  • Physician Groups, L.C.

  • Podiatry Associates, Inc.

  • Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, LLC

  • Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

  • Specialists In Gastroenterology

  • Specialists In Urology

  • Specialty Primary Care

  • St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery Associates

  • St. Louis Cardiology Center, P.C.

  • St. Louis Cardiology Consultants, Ltd.

  • St. Louis Urological Surgeons

  • St. Peters Bone and Joint Surgery

  • Stephen E. Kraft, MD

  • Stuart R. Adler, MD

  • Tara Talwar, MD, PC

  • Town & Country Orthopedics, Inc.

  • William Reilly, MD


BJC ACO Governing Body

The ACO's governing body is its Board of Managers, which currently consists of the following individuals:

  • John Antes, Voting Member, President, Missouri Baptist Medical Center

  • John Ellena, MD, Voting Member, serving ex officio as the Medical Director of BJC Medical Group of Missouri and the President of BJC Medical Group of Illinois

  • Gary Grix, MD, Voting Member, Practicing Physician, BJC Medical Group

  • John Lynch, MD, Voting Member, Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Barnes-Jewish Hospital

  • Ron McMullen, Voting Member, President, Christian Hospital

  • Dale Nowlin, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative

  • Douglas Pogue, MD, Voting Member, ACO Medical Director and Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, BJC Medical Group

  • Tony Schwarm, Voting Member, President, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

  • Sandra Van Trease, Voting Member and Chair, serving ex officio as the ACO President


BJC ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

  • Quality & Efficiency Committee, Chair: Douglas Pogue, MD

  • Nominating Committee, Chair: Sandra Van Trease

  • Network Committee, Chair: Melanie Lapidus

  • Medical Director: Douglas Pogue, MD

  • Chief Executive Officer: Sandra Van Trease

  • Compliance Officer: Susan Harper

  • Clinical Program Manager: Megan Guinn, RN, BSN

  • Program Director: Nancy Kadlec

  • Operation Program Manager: Karen Shakiba

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Performance Year 1: $0

  • Performance Year 2: $0

  • Performance Year 3: $0


How Shared Savings are Distributed

  • Reinvest in infrastructure: First Dollars, At Cost
  • Distribution to ACO Participants:
  • Physicians: 50%
  • Primary Care Physician: 50%
  • Specialists: 50%
  • BJC Hospitals: 50%


Quality Performance Results