Controlling Asthma Triggers

Managing asthma triggers helps you continue to enjoy simple pleasures.

A trigger is something that causes an asthma attack. Triggers are different for everyone. Here are some of the most common triggers and some ways to control them.

Mold and Pollen

  • Use air conditioning and avoid opening windows when mold and pollen are high
  • Clean or change filters on air conditioners or heaters once a month
  • Use a dehumidifier if your home is damp
  • Do not use a vaporizer

Dust Mites

  • Use zippered plastic or allergy-proof mattress and pillow covers
  • Wash bed linens and pajamas weekly in hot water
  • Vacuum and dust weekly
  • Limit carpeting


  • Call pest control
  • Empty trash
  • Don’t leave food out
  • Use roach traps


  • Watch closely for signs of asthma on days when the weather changes

Colds and viruses

  • Avoid people who are ill
  • Get a flu shot each year


  • Avoid smoke, dust, strong odors, paint, perfume and cleaning supplies

It’s an emergency when:

  • You have a very difficult time breathing
  • Your neck and chest muscles sink in and stomach pushes out quickly during breathing
  • You have a constant cough
  • You are not able to talk or walk
  • You are vomiting
  • You have blue lips or fingers