Exercise: Get Healthier in 60 Seconds

Don't have time to live a healthy lifestyle? With these one-minute wonders, you can improve your body, mind and spirit.

  • "Write" the alphabet with each foot while sitting at your desk to reduce tension and get your blood flowing

  • Blend berries high in antioxidants into your regular fruit juice for a boost of fiber and added cancer protection

  • Shake out your hands and rotate your wrists for a minute as a break from typing, stirring or writing

  • Turn off the television and listen to relaxing music before bedtime to ward off insomnia and make your sleep more restful

  • Add a packet of RIT SunGuard to your laundry to provide an undetectable sun protection factor (SPF) 30 to your clothes for the next 20 washes to help guard against skin cancer

  • Shred carrots and add them to peanut butter, pasta sauce or other dishes to increase your intake of cancer-fighting, immunity-boosting beta-carotene

  • Take a minute on Monday to think about the fun things you'll do in the coming weekend, making the stressors of the week more bearable

  • Pat your pizza slice with a paper napkin to soak up 17 percent of saturated fat, 17 percent of the cholesterol and 14 percent of the total fat