Exercise: Too Busy?

Think you're too busy to exercise because you work full-time? You can find ways to exercise on the job. 

Exercising at work can improve your physical fitness, time-management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines. Exercise helps elevate your mood, ease stress and can ward off bouts of afternoon fatigue. Here are some ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine:

  • Make the most of your commute and walk or bike to work; if you drive to work, park in the farthest space from the entrance and walk at a brisk pace to and from your car

  • Take the stairs whenever you can; if you have a meeting on another floor, get off the elevator a few floors early and use the stairs; better yet, skip the elevator entirely

  • Take fitness breaks; rather than hanging out in the lounge with coffee or a snack, take a short walk or do strengthening or stretching exercises at your desk

  • Schedule physical activity as you would any other appointment; don't change your exercise plans for every interruption that comes along; remind yourself that exercise is important, too