Eyeglasses: When the Choices Seem Endless

It's easy to get confused by the many, many eyeglasses choices currently offered. Here are some basic suggestions that should help you wade through the maze of choices and trendy offerings:

  • Select a frame that complements your natural coloring and that fits your style; some frames are casual, sporty or dressy; for example, if you are very fashion-conscious, choose a frame that is updated, rather than an antique-looking frame

  • Select a frame that fits well; the frame should fit on the bridge of your nose and be the proper temple length

  • Frames are available in plastic, metal and rimless; if you work outdoors or perspire a lot, body acids and salts are hard on metal frames; plastic may be a better alternative

  • If you remove and replace your glasses often, choose a plastic or metal frame with a spring hinge, which will keep your glasses in adjustment; in general, the stronger the prescription, the smaller the frame should be; it keeps the glasses thinner and lighter; if you have a strong prescription, avoid rimless frames because of the lens thickness

  • When selecting frames, wear them for a while in the store to give yourself a better idea of how they feel over time

  • Regarding the lens itself, most people choose plastic lenses because of the lighter weight; in addition, there are a number of coatings that can be added to plastic lenses, such as scratch resistant coating, anti-reflective coating and photochromatic coating, which screens out ultraviolet light

  • If you want tinted lenses for fashion reasons, choose rose, brown or very light gray; blues, violets and greens tend to distort color

As a regular part of preventive health care, be sure to see your eye doctor for regular check-ups.

The information on this page was compiled by Elliot Korn, MD. This material provides general information only. It should not be used in place of the advice, instructions, or treatment given by your doctor or other health care professional.