Subnormal Vision: What Is It and What Can You Do?

Subnormal vision is a reduction in vision that even the correct eyeglass prescription cannot significantly improve. Subnormal vision, also called low vision or partial sight, often prevents people from seeing well enough to drive, read, write or perform other activities of daily living.

Subnormal vision affects children and adults alike. It is often caused by eye diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts. Eye injuries and hereditary diseases also can impair vision.

A thorough evaluation by an eyecare specialist can help those with subnormal vision get the most out of the vision they have. Visual aid assistance includes telescopes, hand-held magnifiers, spectacle magnifiers, video-projected magnifiers and talking books. Low vision training also is available to help patients perform activities of daily living, including cooking and taking medication.

As a regular part of preventive health care, be sure to see your eye doctor for regular check-ups.

This material provides general information only. It should not be used in place of the advice, instructions, or treatment given by your doctor or other health care professional.