Hold the Stuffing While Baking

There you are in the kitchen, preparing cakes, cookies, candies and other sweet treats. You may be at risk for tasting and sampling your wares. After all, you want it to be good! 

Here are some simple tricks for lowering your risk, so you're not consuming additional, unwanted calories; and some ingredient tips for more health-conscious treats:

  • Eat a low-fat meal or snack (a piece of fruit, bagel, low-fat yogurt, cereal with skim milk) BEFORE you bake, so you will be less tempted to make sure the cookie dough tastes OK
  • Chew sugarless gum while you're baking to give your mouth something to do
  • Promptly wrap homemade treats that you are giving as gifts
  • Freeze extras
  • When you make or receive treats, share them with friends and neighbors, so you have less temptation
  • Bake others' favorite treats, not your own, so you may be less tempted to indulge in them
  • Keep your pantry, refrigerator and freezer stocked with low-fat items so you will have nutritious choices for quick meals and snacks
  • Drink water while you bake; it can make you feel full and help you get in one of your eight glasses for the day
  • Use low-fat products in your recipes (low-fat butter, sour cream or cream cheese); use two egg whites as a substitute for one egg yolk -- the yolk contains all the fat and cholesterol, while the white contains protein
  • Slowly sip a low-calorie drink, such as hot apple cider or hot chocolate (with skim or low-fat milk) while you're baking; you will save lots of calories by limiting your intake of alcohol or eggnog
  • Substitute applesauce for oil in recipes
  • Use nuts sparingly in recipes; they are high in fat