Holiday Cooking Ideas For Slimmer Results

  • Trim away the visible fat on meat and fish
  • Remove the skin on poultry
  • Use a nonstick skillet with vegetable spray
  • De-grease pan juices, soups and gravies by refrigerating them and then skimming the fat off after cooling
  • Broil, grill or roast meat and poultry on a rack to allow the fat to drip through
  • Sauté vegetables in liquid, not oil; se defatted broth, juice, wine or water
  • To add the flavor of butter on vegetables, add a butter-flavored spray just prior to serving
  • Roast or grill vegetables
  • Use powdered sugar or a fruit purée as a cake topping instead of frosting
  • Use graham cracker crusts instead of flaky pastry shells, which are high in fat
  • Substitute low-fat, skim and nonfat dairy products in recipes
  • Instead of whipped cream toppings, try whipping chilled evaporated skim milk with a touch of sugar for a low-calorie creamy topping
  • Use nonstick spray when coating baking pans
  • Use two egg whites in place of one whole egg in breads, cookies, puddings and other recipes that call for whole eggs
  • Use cholesterol-free liquid egg product in place of whole eggs


Source: American Dietetic Association, The American Dietetic Association's Complete Food & Nutrition Guide, 1998.