Weight Loss Management

With so many unhappy about the numbers they see on their bathroom scale, it’s no wonder that everyone you know is playing the diet game. And everyone has different advice: cut out bread, no white foods, fruit has too much sugar, only certain vegetables and so on. It’s enough to make your head spin. What’s the right way to lose weight anymore? 

The news is streaming with a huge variety of diet approaches like the Dukan Diet, Adkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, the Mediterranean Diet, the Cambridge Diet, Dr. Mike’s 17-Day Diet and many more. They all have a different approach, so which is best?

They all could be! Find the answer using simple math. If the number of calories your body burns in one day exceeds the number of calories you eat, you’ll lose weight. In theory, you could survive on only ice cream and lose weight, so long as you were consuming fewer calories than your body requires for fuel. Obviously ice cream alone would leave you lacking other important nutrients, but from a caloric standpoint, weight loss on the ice cream diet is possible. Any diet craze can have the potential to work well. Those who succeed with their exercise and diet regimen are sticking to the protocol over a long period of time. You have to find something that works well for you!  

If your current nutrition plan feels like a constant strain on your willpower, it may be time to try something else. Losing weight may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done in your life, but it should not be a nagging nuisance that drags you down every day.

Say Goodbye to the D Word

From now on, you are never on a diet. A diet is a construct that people think they only have to stick with temporarily. If you want permanent results, you must make changes in your life that are also permanent. Concentrate more on the healthy additions you’re making to your life, regardless of whether the scale is budging. You’ll be so confident with your choices that they’ll soon be an integral part of your life. It is important that you don’t feel like you’re always on a diet, but rather that you’ve decided to eat the right foods all of the time.

Find What Works for You

Just because your coworker has seen huge success with one method may not necessarily mean that it’s right for you. Don’t be discouraged.  There are a million different ways to achieve your weight loss goals. Just ask yourself what will work well in your life. A high protein, moderate carbohydrate plan works well. Mixing protein shakes in regularly fits my schedule, and exercise is built into my work day. This plan obviously doesn’t fit everyone. Try to eat well 90 percent of the time, and realize that you will splurge occasionally.

Baby Steps

Identify small changes you can make right now that won’t seem like a strain. Maybe switch to low-fat milk, and stock your shelves with whole-wheat grains. Start eating breakfast before you start rearranging your entire plan. Add the one thing that your diet is lacking most -- whether that’s veggies, fruit, lean protein or healthy fats -- and remove some of the worst foods.

Get Expert Advice

If you’re till having trouble deciding what’s the best course of action, get a registered dietitian, and a degreed, certified personal trainer and exercise physiologist to help you develop an individualized program that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.