Preventing Falls at Home

Some safety tips for preventing falls at home:

  • Arrange furniture to prevent tripping or bumping into it
  • Keep a light on in the bedroom and bathroom to help you see at night
  • When getting up, sit on the edge of the bed or chair for a few minutes before standing
  • Sit and stand up slowly; avoid tilting your head back
  • Have your eyes checked by an eye doctor at least every year
  • If you wear glasses, use them to help you walk safely
  • Have your doctor or pharmacist review your medications
  • Remove loose rugs and small objects on the floor that could cause tripping, including phone cords and footstools
  • Wear sturdy, nonskid slippers or shoes with flat or low heels
  • Use handrails when going up and down stairs; take one step at a time
  • Begin a regular exercise program
  • Watch out for sidewalks and curbs that are uneven
  • Replace worn tips on your walker, cane or crutch as needed


Disclaimer: TEXT This material provides general information only. It should not be used in place of the advice, instructions, or treatment given by your doctor or other health care professional.